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About Me

A Native of New Orleans, Henry found his passion for Voice over in the humble beginnings of his makeshift closet studio at the age of sixteen. Since then, he’s gone to participate in the National Audio Theater Festival in Kansas City, studied under professionals such as Lucien Dodge, Crispin Freeman, Darren Dunstan, and the kind souls at Disney’s Television animation studios in Los Angeles.

In New Orleans, Henry sharpened his skills by providing voices for local radio commercials, teaching voice over lessons remotely, and working on several grassroots projects including his audio drama That Night On Venom, a series consisting of several 22 minute episodes featuring over twenty characters fully voiced, produced, written, and directed by Henry himself.

Henry Took his talents to a new level in New York City getting his Acting BFA from Marymount Manhattan College in 2020 all the while doing voice over work throughout the city represented by Arcieri and Associates. During this time in New York City, Henry became a regular talent among the EDM producer world lending his voice to artists such as Ray Volpe, GO PNIK, Point.Blank, and Stone Level to name a few. Now in Los Angeles, he is working with studios like Funimation, BangZoom, Aniplex, and Kinsane Entertainment to name a few.

Henry is currently working in Los Angeles represented by Arcieri and Associates all the while teaching voice lessons and furthering his abilities and education as a voice over artist. And he’s not slowing down anytime soon.

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I had the pleasure of adapting the English dub script for The Rising of Shield Hero Season 2 which now has episode 1 streaming on Crunchyroll. https://t.co/GAcPHcGElU HenryMasonVoice photo

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When Demon Slayer: Entertainment District finishes airing entirely I'll circle back to this. 👹 https://t.co/91EfKE2yoa

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Henry Mason @HenryMasonVoice
There’s something so fascinating to me about sealed games. Ruby was the first Pokemon game I really got into as a kid. Having a sealed version just feels like picking it up off the shelf in Toys R US back in 2003. I’d kill for an emerald one but they’re almost unobtainable. https://t.co/gyqg8jAG6f