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I’ve been waiting a year to be able to say you can hear me as the newest raid boss DARK KURODA in Yugioh Cross Duels. https://t.co/D5otM82Rje
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GO WATCH GO GO GO GO GO GO GO https://t.co/EDjgOnbKG6
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Aniplex of America @aniplexUSA
Episode 11 of the Engage Kiss English dub streams today on @Crunchyroll!

"Gentle Foolish Lies"
Shu's sister Kanna is now certified as an S-Class demon, while Kisara remains gravely injured from the fight. What will happen?! https://t.co/KEIaYlUSef

Had a blast getting to chat with ya. Looking forward to the next time! https://t.co/liIlJr2YrZ
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Avocado Aficionado @DarksideStraxus
🚨New Episode🚨

Had a lot of fun talking about #DemonSlayer, #EdensZero, #anime and a bunch of other stuff with the awesome @HenryMasonVoice.

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https://t.co/vkT76MgC2t https://t.co/C23PE5Wkgz